Curated by Our 2020 Keynote Speakers

Neither SSAFP nor SSPGC have reviewed or endorsed these resources. These are resources were curated by our keynote speakers and we are providing them to give you additional resources and ideas of actions you could take in your philanthropic role to create a more racially equitable community.

Downloadable Resources

  • Community Centric Fundraising Action List  The work to integrate race, equity and social justice into fundraising is ongoing and will require lots of discussions and experiments. This action list can get you started with four pages of items that you can decide to prioritize your immediate, medium and long term goals.
  • Race to Lead Revisited: Obstacles and Opportunities in Addressing the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap – The 2019 survey of more than 5,00 paid nonprofit staff on race and leadership in nonprofit settings updates us on changes since the 2016 survey. The new 2019 report shows a greater awareness of difference in opportunities in the nonprofit sector has increased for all people. However the report also shows that people of color were still not being able to break into more leadership positions even when they “were similarly qualified as white respondents and had more interest than white peers in becoming a nonprofit leader”. Read more to understand how your organization can provide equitable opportunities to all people.
  • The Philanthropic Closet: LGBTQ People in Philanthropy  – This report draws on the inaugural Diversity Among Philanthropy Professionals (DAPP) Survey, an effort aimed at helping the philanthropic community better understand its workforce and leadership. The DAPP Survey had the participation of 947 individuals and 36 foundations and found that the “majority of LGBTQ people working philanthropy are ‘in the closet’ – meaning they have not disclosed their sexual orientation or gender identity to most work colleagues. By comparison, the majority of LGBTQ people working the corporate sector are ‘out’.”

References from 2020 Keynote Speech

Let’s Make Fundraising Less Racist!

Community Centric Fundraising

>> Start at 15:57

On July 17,2020 over 22,000 people watched this video about the Community Centric Fundraising model. Our keynotes wanted to highlight the speaker, CCF co-founder, and local Seattle representative Christina Shimizu, Director of Individual Giving at The Wing Luke Museum who starts on at 15:57. Christina is the former Board President of Asian Pacific Americans for Civic Empowerment Votes (APACE) where she worked to improve AAPI representation in democracy across Washington State. She is also the co-founder of the Activist Class podcast and has led anti-oppression trainings at the University of Washington, Solid Ground, and the Association for Fundraising Professionals to examine the ways in which systems of power impact philanthropic engagement and works to develop more equitable solutions.

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