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The Other Pandemic: Social isolation and timebanking

Christine Gray, Ph.D.

While Covid-19 stalks populations around the world, another behind-the-scenes pandemic is less visibly at work. It is social isolation – the lack of the connectedness and sense of purpose needed to develop, to contribute to others, and even to take care of oneself. Like Covid, social isolation spreads its harms to families and neighborhoods within nations round the globe. Christine’s ideas call for a fundamental change in how human services work, putting forward the idea of an “ecological” framework that will be geared to the deep need that humans have to connect with and meaningfully contribute to others in a non-monetary, egalitarian way by sharing time. Co-production is introduced as such a framework, with Timebanking as one system for putting co-production principles into action. Christine will share how timebanking being used to build networks of mutual support that call on people’s strengths, help them defeat isolation, engage in mission-related goals and community transformation.

TimeBanking is based in part, on founder Edgar Cahn’s book, “No More Throw-Away People” and features community service exchanges as a community-based currency for over 30 years in more than 38 countries.

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Co-Production & Systems Change Chart PDF

How can TimeBanks Help People, Nonprofits, Communities and Businesses


Eastside Community Center Case Study

The $32.7 million center on Portland Avenue and East 56th Street shows what happens when the organizations and funders work well together with hard-won trust and real talk – while listening to what the community needs. So much more than a gym, the center includes a cafe, recording studio, pool, training kitchen, basketball – and most importantly its’ a safe haven for youth in an area where safety has historically has been hard to find. The project was started as a labor of love by Shalisa Hayes whose son Billy Ray Shirley III was gunned down in the nearby area. The panel discussion will be followed by Break-out Sessions.


  • Bryan FlintSound Outreach
  • Carrie Prudente Holden, Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Shalisa Hayes, Billy Ray Foundation
  • Teri Moore, Greater Metro Parks Foundation

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Helping Donors Achieve Intentional Philanthropy

Anne Bucciarelli, Bernstein Wealth Management

The root of giving—whether it’s through the gift of money, time, or voice—is a wish to make a real difference and achieve a desired legacy. Designing a philanthropic plan involves personal choices about values, goals, and how to achieve them. Philanthropy is inherently rooted in our values and the things that we care most about. But how does one decide why, to what cause, and where to give? Whether donors are starting their philanthropic journey or have an established plan, taking a step back to define the impact they want to achieve or the strategic direction they want to take will add intention to their philanthropic plan. This session will walk through techniques and come to life through a case study focused on guiding a donor through their choices to build a philanthropic strategy that will best fulfill their mission. From mission and vision, to time horizon and type of strategy, to how family is involved and how to measure impact will all be covered in this session.


Leave 10 – Where are We Now?

In 2021 Leave 10 South Sound launched at the SSP Summit. Catch-up on the impact over the last year as well as hearing from those who took the Leave 10 pledge of leaving 10% of their estate to causes they care about. This session will also include an overview of Leave 10 South Sound‘s mission and how it benefits nonprofits, individuals and wealth advisors.


10th Anniversary of SSP Summit

For the 10th Anniversary of the SSP Summit we will be honoring some past organizers and leaders that started the Summit and sustained our growth. The community has worked hard over the last decade to enrich community engagement and open forums for discussion for the South Sound area and we look forward to celebrating!

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